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 Wellness Tourism
    Enjoy the soothing properties of the volcanic mud that you can spread all over your face and body, and then rinse off in the pools of the volcanic hot springs that naturally occur in the region, providing a warm moment of relaxation and the benefits of their therapeutic properties. The different pools of mineral water provide allow for the enchanting experience of exploring all the
Hot springs
temperatures these waters provide. Like a gift burbling up from the depths of the earth’s surface, the mineral-rich waters are a calming, therapeutic experience that comes to us through completely natural processes.
Spoil yourself and revitalize your senses with a day at the spa, receiving a variety of treatments. Enjoy a relaxing massage and volcanic mud treatment, exfoliations, masks and full body baths with volcanic mud, then relax in the jacuzzi or sauna.
Learn about the yoga initiative known as “meditation done right”. This new section is made up of four exclusive modules, situated on a cliffside suspended 140 feet above the volcanic waters of the river. The cliffside modules combine a conscious practice of yoga with spectacular views for a unique yoga experience nestled in unforgettable surroundings.
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