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 forest. A wide variety of fauna native to
       Palo Verde National Park
Geothermal tour
Costa Rica is known internationally as a pioneer of renewable energy. Learn about the Miravalles Geothermal Project and the Solar Farm and discover how the energy of the volcano is converted into electricity. Then explore the volcano’s cra- ter and enjoy the volcanic spa, with rus- hing water, pools of volcanic mud, a natu- ral steam sauna, three massage rooms, hydrotherapy and more.
Palo Verde National Park is the perfect opportunity to see one of the most diverse places in Costa Rica, as there are 15 natural habitats that combine lagoons, swamps, evergreen forests, and its famous mangroves, among others. You’ll be able to navigate the vast network of canals that crisscross the mangrove
this ecosystem can be found here, including black-crowned night herons, jabirus, spoonbills, egrets, ibis, grebes, black-bellied whistling ducks, scarlet macaws, keel-billed toucans and parrots.
   Tour of Miravalles Volcano National Park
Tour to Las Hornillas
While you’re exploring all the Miravalles Volcano has to offer, you can also make a stop at Las Hornillas, the volcano’s active crater, with its pools of volcanic mud. You can also get a close-up view of the volcanic vents, hot stones and crystallized sulfur alongside the area’s scenic beauty. Enjoy the clay baths in our natural spa and the abundant restorative properties of the thermal pools.
The Miravalles Volcano is the highest in all of Guanacaste and is one of the most privileged areas of Costa Rica in terms of its natural wealth. You can make your way through the park on the well-marked trails that lead all the way up the volcano, connecting with nature along the way. Once you reach the peak, you’ll get to enjoy the best view in all of Guanacaste, reaching as far as the Papagayo Peninsula, the Arenal, Tenorio and Rincón de la Vieja
volcanoes, and even to Lake Nicaragua and Palo Verde National Park. You’ll be dazzled by a spectacular view that can only be seen here, as well as the incredible variety of animals and the diverse plant life. You’ll also be able to take in some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Guanacaste.

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