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 Tours Bagaces
   Clean energy demonstration tour
Learn about a source of clean energy with crucial importance for Costa Rica. You’ll tour the windmills and then be treated to a guided visit to the plant, who will provide an educational presentation as well as showing you the best observation points. A unique experience for learning about environmentally friendly ways of obtaining electricity.
Llanos de Cortés Tour
This tour will take you on a walk around the beautiful Llanos del Cortés waterfalls, which create a small white sand beach, the perfect place to take a dip and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Your visit will then continue on to Las Pumas Rescue Center, where you will
jaguars, ocelots, spider monkeys and white-faced capuchins, toucans and macaws. CatarataLlanosdelCortes
           Tour for waterfall lovers
Tour to La Cangreja waterfall and Las Pailas
Enjoy the serenity of the forest, relax in the volcano’s invigorating hot springs and visit the impressive waterfalls. Later, you’ll be able to enjoy volcanic sights like the fumaroles and volcanic mud.
On this tour, you’ll be able to dive into refreshing waterfalls and get a chance to see Cerro Cabro Muco. You’ll travel by tractor and cross a 40-meter hanging bri- dge in front of one of the majestic water- falls on the route. Last but not least, you’ll also be able to hike through
old-growth forest trails that offer views of a wide variety of animals such as birds, reptiles, and more.
      have the opportunity to see pumas,

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