Message From The Managment

Welcome to the Costa Rica Tourism Board

The General Management welcomes you to the official website of the Costa Rica Tourism Board, which compiles more than two years of thorough work. This new proposal displays a friendlier platform for its target audience.

The design provides strategic information for national and international target audiences interested in knowing the functionality of the Institution.

Now, users can easily navigate and find strictly institutional topics, and they also have access to an address book that includes every public servant via a search engine, to find their e-mail, and their telephone extension. Furthermore, the intuitive navigation allows them to identify topics or interests in simple menus, which reduces the search time.

The intuitive search engine uses words or phrases throughout the site, a digital archive management system like PDF, Word, images, and other kinds of archives, and it offers the possibility to initiate some procedures and/or operations online via digital forms. Another feature is the tax filing platform, descriptive texts that help the user rapidly and easily identify the department or process they need to contact so they can clear doubts or carry out institutional procedures.

In this way ICT complies with the premise to offer its different audiences a tool that satisfies, in an innovative fashion, information needs related to the Institute. We hope these changes bring us closer to our users. Our motivation is the continuous improvement and search for the satisfaction of all our users. Welcome!

General Manager

Última Modificación: 22/05/2024.
Instituto Costarricense de Turismo